Fault Finding and Testing 

Even the most experience electricians can be expected to make the occasional mistakes when carrying out an electrical installation. This is one reason why every new installation or alteration and addition to an existing installation, must be thoroughly inspected and tested. That’s why at Dip electrical we make sure’s when testing an installation any defects or omissions found are made good before signing any installation off, we will always liaison with the customer before any major work is required. Below are few certificates you should be aware off when electrical work is either carried out or requires a inspection & test.

Few certificates you should be aware of if any electrical work is carried out on your premises


All electrical installation deteriorates with age, as well as wear and tear from use of your electrical appliances. Therefore every electrical installation needs to be electrical inspected and tested at appropriate intervals during its lifetime to establish that the condition of the installation is at its best or not.

With Dip electrical we specialise in Testing in installation to restore any defaults with either your domestic or commercial and industrial wiring within your premises. We would explain at our best to let you know of any deflects before any work is carried out.

Dip electrical is registered with NICEIC governing board of approved contractors.  NICEIC is a trading name, which you are all aware off, and acts as the electrical contracting industry’s independent voluntary regulatory body for electrical installation.

A Dip electrical we thoroughly work hard to learn new aspects of the wiring as every day changes are made though out the electrical industries, with the NICEIC they will alert us to help us to help you to live or to run a successful business.

We at Dip electrical provide the latest computer software in electrical inspection testing certificates, where in this case we can email over the certificates. When our testing is completed the software lets us know if any requirements are required to alter or made good, so you know with Dip electrical you’re in good hands.

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